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Basketball Legends

You are a basketball enthusiast!!! You want to mingle with the dramatic basketball matches or just simply a game player. Whatever, now Basketball Legends here to help you experience the exciting basketball games without the National Basketball Association (NBA). With Basketball Legends, you have a chance to play with the real legends that you wish for long such as Lebron James, Stephen Curry and Derrick Williams and many more. Is it fantastic?

Rules of Basketball Legends

At first, decide the mode: online save or local save. Then, select 1 among 3 choices: 1 player, 02 players or quick game. Depending on the mode, you play against the NBA champion in the game CPU or your friends or both. For the most exciting experience, take our advice to choose 2 players mode, which allow you to play with the famous NBA champions or your friends. That’s amazing! Next, choose basketball player. The No.1 basketball players in the world will join the game if you select them. Now you can enjoy Basketball Legends in your way. That is the most wonderful thing!

Basketball Legends's Features

  • Sharp and lively stylized graphics
  • Different tactics in the game allow player to access unique game strategies
  • Teams can be formed by the real players
  • Easily access and play in the computer

How to play Basketball Legends game?

1st Player
  • WASD = Move
  • B = Snatch/Action
  • S = Pump
  • V = Super-shot
  • D twice = Race fast
2nd Player
  • Arrow key up, left, move
  • L = Snatch/ Action
  • Arrow key down = Bump
  • K = Super-shot
  • Arrow key left twice = Dash

Basketball legends unblocked

If you do not play well or just want to experience a new game, the below information may attract you. In the present, some free codes to unlock Basketball Legends are available in the Internet. Enter the cheat code and you can encrypt all versions on Android and iOS. You can hack without reset you devices and APK mod file download if it is the latest version. Once you enter cheat code, you can unlock all items for free game. Besides, you can use this hacked version multiple times. Using cheat codes is the fastest way to access all the game resources, saving your time and money. However, it just brings you a game experience, except that you are a real basketball fan, you will stand on your foot, I believe. Forming a team and play in Basketball Legends – World No.1 Game by your computer or with your friends are the greatest things. Set new records and become a new basketball legend!