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Stick Figure Badminton Game

Stick Figure Badminton

You are familiar with the stick figure in the classic battles in unique games such as Stickman War, Great Strike, or A Landmine, … There you will control the stick man to fight fighting evil objects with very powerful and powerful attacks.
However, coming to the Stick Figure Badminton game, you will be joined by the stick people to participate in interesting bridge battles in this unique sport. You can choose 1-player or 2-player mode to play against friends. In turn, you will have to fight against different opponents and their level will also gradually increase with the difficulty for you. Your mission is just to catch the opponent’s opponent’s balls, return them with nasty or powerful shots to make them miss, miss or hit the net. Of course, if you do the same then you will lose points too.
Every match in this good or online game, if the side that achieves the previous 7 points wins. And if in the journey to defeat all opponents that you lose in any match, you will have to play from the beginning. Try your best to win every single point in this fascinating sports game. You will find many interesting inspirations from badminton and who knows if you do not know how to play, you will try it in real life?

How to play theĀ Stick Figure Badminton

Choose the mode and character, perform the beautiful serve and win the harsh arena. Mini game with the mode for two players is as follows:
Player 1: W: jump; A – D: Move; S: Hit the ball
Player 2: Up arrow key: Jump; Left and right arrows: Move; Down arrow: Hit the bridge.