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Basketball 2018

Basketball 2018 is one of the top basketball games with epic 3D interface. In this game, you control one basketball team and compete against another in a fast paced game. The game can last for 15 minutes, the person with the most points will win.

With tournaments: Tournament, Multiplayer game, Time attack, Single ball, big basket, … will bring you interesting and conquering feeling. For each tournament, the playing strategy is a bit different, but the ultimate goal is still to get as many balls as possible into the opponent’s basket.

In battles you can move around the field, fly up, snatch the ball from your opponent, pass the ball to other players, then make a throw or shoot into the basket. Unlock special abilities by scoring 3 basket in a row through the ring and net. This special power allows you to double your points and play the best basketball games ever. When practicing the skills really well you will rise to the challenge of real players from around the world.

Upgrade your characters and give them a new look.

The controls are easy to recognize so you can control your players easily, you will automatically switch to the nearest player near the ball on the defensive line, pass the ball carefully and move it away from the opponent. your prime.

The most special and fascinating thing about this game is that the ball can be passed to people on the same team, with the way it plays like it is in real life.

The game is completely free to play and suitable for all ages, and it also helps you train your thinking skills for effective tactics.

How to play Basketball 2018

Basketball 2018 is played through the following character keys:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move

Z to shoot

X to pass the ball to other players.

P to pause