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Basketball Fury is a simple basketball game where you’re playing one on one with your opponent with no other moves than running, blocking and shooting.
It’s time for a new Basketball season! Join Lebron James and many other all-star players and compete in the tournament in Basketball Fury! Select a country to represent and go on a match against the CPU or against your friend in 2 player mode.
Basketball Fury is an action oriented basketball sports game featuring chibi version of the legendary All-star players. The game features single player mode and 2 player mode. On every mode, you can choose one among 3 different matches: Quick Match, Random Match, and Tournament Mode. Choose a country, play as your favorite basketball legend, grab a friend, and start the basketball match! Use your mouse to run along and watch out for the power ups that pop up in the middle of the game.There’s not much you can do in this game.
There are 3 sets of gameplay, tournament, random and quick play.
You’ll be controlling your player with the mouse and throw the ball with the mouse click.

How to play Basketball Fury 

Use your mouse to move your player.
Mouse click to shoot the ball
Also, mouse click to defend the ball
Space and click to shoot the ball from distance.