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Basketball Dare

Basketball Dare is a basketball game featuring lots of interesting levels. This is a skill game whose goal is to put the ball in the basket with the least amount of shots possible through your knowledge of physics and gravity simply addictive.

There are 35 interesting and challenging levels, each corresponding to different difficulty levels. In each level you need to adjust the exact angle of throw, the distance the mouse will decide this. Throw the ball in the basket the first time you will get an additional 1000 game points as a bonus. Each slip will result in a penalty of 100 points.

There are 35 exciting and challenging levels. Each level you need to choose the correct strength and angle to throw the ball into the basket. The distance of the mouse will determine the strength and position of the mouse will determine the angle. Use your creativity to steer the ball into the basket, overcome obstacles and bounce in walls. To get the ball on the right path to the basket you need a keen eye to find the right power at the correct angle. You will need to experiment several times to control the ball more easily.

After the end of the match, if you win with a high score you will be named in the global rankings. To get in the rankings you need a high score and a network connection.
This game is completely free to play so everyone can play it without worrying about costing it.

How to play Basketball Dare game

Basketball Dare is controlled via mouse. Left click on basketball, appear gauges, choose the amount of energy you want to put into your shot by holding down the left mouse button and moving up the meter. When you feel the aiming position is powerful and accurate, release the mouse button.