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Stick Basketball

Stick Basketball is a multiplayer basketball game. You can choose your team and participate in the basketball match. As a basketball lover you cannot ignore this game.

There are 31 different basketball teams to choose from. You have the right to control your players with the run time and manual shooting or use the autorun mode in which you have control over the correct pass time and watch your players perform breathtaking tricks. Incredible item. You can pass the ball to every player on the field, just like a real basketball game.

When playing online you can share your beautiful images or save high results in the global rankings. You can watch, replay and share your most spectacular tricks with your friends.

There are 3 levels of play that are easy, medium, hard. Each level has its own benefits, an easy game mode to help you get used to the game, and train your skills to master. The average level is for those of you who are more familiar with some skills, and in this mode you will also practice more skills before going to the difficult level. Difficult level is the last level of the game, requires skillful skills, flexible reaction. If you don’t like to play easy level, you can play hard or medium level.

This game is completely free to play and suitable for all ages audiences. Currently there are many people who love this game and will be more and more.

Updates on new versions of this game will be constantly updated. The new version helps you play with different interfaces and the levels in each level of play also increased.

How to play Stick Basketball game

Stick Basketball is played through the following characters:

Arrow keys to move

A- dodge

S -shoot


F -pass, Defense

A- steal

S -block