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Basketball Master 

Basketball master will challenge you by providing different basketball throwing tasks! How many points can you get in these basketball games? With 6 different basketball goal modes, you need to practice shooting basketball into the hoop under different requirements! It is highly addictive sports game that you can not stop playing! Who doesn’t want to practice free throw technique or 3 point shooting skills? Pick the ball and flick it towards the hoop, try to reach the goal within time limit. Clean shot will be 3 points! The higher accuracy you have, the longer you can play!

How to play Basketball Master

Throw the basketball to the basket and score! You receive 3 points by creating a perfect shot, and keep scoring will give you fire ball bonus!
★Challenge mode
Reach the designated point for each time period to progress
★Arcade mode
Try to get as many points as you can by using 5 balls(shooting location changes)
★Time attack
Try to get as many points as you can within 45 seconds
★Not miss mode:
Try to get as many point as you can by using 1 ball
★Free Throw mode
Stand on the free throw line and try to get as many points as you can by using 5 balls
★3 point game mode
Stand outside the 3 point line to score within 80 seconds

Features of Basketball Master

★100% simulation of 6 different basketball games
★Free and fun to play, but it takes practice to level up
★3D graphics for basketball field
★Win coins and add new basketballs to your collection