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Basket Monsterz

Basket Monsterz is an extremely fun basketball throwing game, your mission is to throw the ball into the basket to gain more opponents to achieve victory and participate in major tournaments.

Before entering the match you will choose a character you like and can choose your opponent then proceed to the match. Each character will have a separate basket, facing each other, you and the opponent need to throw the ball into their basket. In each match, you must try to score as many baskets as possible within the allotted time. Throw as many balls as you can in the basket to gain points and win the game. The winner is the first to reach 11 points.

When you win matches, you accumulate stars – you can use them to buy new monster characters. The first match will be the group stage, you need to qualify to participate in tournaments by winning in the group stages. You can hone your basketball skills and win monster tournaments.

After winning with a high score you can top the global rankings, you can share your victory with everyone.

This is one of the mobile sports games that is played for free, suitable for all ages and it is loved by many people.

How to play Basket Monsterz game

Basket Monsterz is played using the mouse. First use your mouse to aim, create an accurate archery then left click to throw it into the basket. Aim to shoot accurately to be able to score the ball from the first time or need the least number of shots, so the chance of winning your opponent will be higher. If you like this game, share it with many people who play it, and you can play other games at our website. Wish you have moments of fun playing games at our website.