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Basket Balls Level Pack

Basket Balls Level Pack is a game of variations from basketball game. This game is very different from the traditional basketball game, but the ultimate goal of the game is to throw the ball into the basket. You will play basketball with your friends on the street, you will even have to hit the referees so it will be a very interesting and challenging game.

The new way of playing this game will give players the feeling of fun and challenge, you have to play your favorite basketball game, and be played as an action game genre.

With 38 new levels and an adjustable score system, this game doesn’t require a score, you just need to throw the ball into the basket with as few shots as possible. The players along with you will be arranged in fixed positions at each level with the referee, you will adjust the speed and direction to throw the ball to unlock the lock in the level, throw the ball to the player. Again, the player will eventually throw the ball to the basket to get to the next level.

To throw the ball to the basket you need to overcome many obstacles. It could be to throw the ball at the top bars to drop heavy objects and unlock the door of the basketball path to the basket. The bars are arranged according to physical principles, so you need to think a little bit about where you need to throw … Basketball columns are placed in different positions to make it difficult for the player. But do not worry because of that, the arrangements in the game are enough for you to overcome it.

The game with many beautiful interfaces, in many different spaces brings a new feeling for players.

How to play Basket Balls Level Pack

Basket Balls Level Pack is played by clicks. Move the mouse to adjust the direction and left click to throw the ball.