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Basketball FRVR is an extremely simple basketball game, you have no opponents in this game, you are just winning yourself. Smash the rim and shoot hoops from the free throw line.
You should log in before playing so you can save your score, compete with other players in the global rankings. Or maybe surpassing oneself, considering his progress in the game.
In this game you will face the basketball column directly, throwing your balls into it. When you throw multiple balls in a row, you will receive an upgrade that is doubled the number of times you throw a ball, if you then throw multiple balls in a row then the score is multiplied again. up. But your multiplication will be erased when you miss. When you multiply the score, your ball column will be slightly shifted to the side, making it difficult for you to play.
If you do not play well from the first time, do not be discouraged because not everyone is perfect. You can work hard to improve your performance, improve your skills. The game helps you practice basketball throwing skills, helps you become a basketball star and helps you relax very well.
Helps players have a truly relaxing casual experience, designed for both players looking for fun and hard-to-find players. It’s easy to play basketball with very simple rules so both adults and children can have fun.
You can play online to save scores on global rankings or play offline if you do not have an internet connection.

How to play of Basketball FRVR

Basketball FRVR has a very simple gameplay, just use the mouse to drag the ball to get the momentum and throw it into the basket. This is one of the most popular sports games on our website, so you can play other games on this website. Wish you happy gaming.