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Basketball Skills

Basketball Skills is a basketball game with many game modes, you need to score in all of them. The game modes are: Arcade mode, time attack and remote mode. The game was originally released in August 2018 and was later updated with various improvements in April 2019.

Arcade mode gives you 10 balls to use; You need to throw those 10 balls into the basket, you have to keep on scoring even though it gets harder every time you score.

Time attack mode requires you to throw as many balls as possible in the basket within the time limit; Unlimited number of balls but limited time. You need to quickly throw these balls into the correct basket, because each missed throw ball will waste your time in vain.

Distance mode allows you to increase the shooting distance after each time you score. The distance decreases each time you score a ball in the basket. When the distance reaches zero, the game ends.

Each mode has a different difficulty level and through these modes your skills will improve significantly. Work hard to master your skills and you’ll win in all modes.

The game is based on realistic physical phenomena combined with vibrant sound effects, which can be played in full screen mode.

This game is suitable for all ages and completely free, especially for children it will help them develop tactical thinking. If you participate in real tournaments you will also gain more experience.

How to play Basketball Skills game

Basketball Skills are played by: Dragging the left mouse button to aim, release to throw. R to restart.

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