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Nickelodeon Basketball

Nickelodeon Basketball is an extremely exciting basketball game. The game has a wide selection of characters and game modes for you. The objective of the game is to hit the ball to collect stars on the screen and depending on the game mode, the requirements will vary.
For Tournament mode: You will choose your character, there are many characters to choose from. You will make a character throw the ball and you adjust your baseball to hit that ball to collect stars on the road when the ball is shot. The game will have special upgrades for your baseball when you achieve certain achievements. There are many stars arranged in the sky, single stars or multiple stars. The level of adjustment your ball will determine the ball speed, which will affect the stars that you get. Each star will give you different points. You need to collect a lot of stars to achieve the required score in each level. Each level you will be given a different number of balls, corresponding to the number of balls you hit, the number of balls will increase gradually with each level.
in Derby Mode: you will have a time limit, but not a ball limit. In this mode, you also need to hit the ball going high and far to collect the star shapes to achieve the score. There are icons arranged with stars, when you collect them, your strength will increase. The stars in this mode are arranged denser with obstacles. This game you will conquer high scores beat the previous player’s record.

How to play Nickelodeon Basketball game

Nickelodeon Basketball has a very simple way to play. Use the left mouse button to touch the vertical baseball icon, then pull back and adjust, release to throw the ball. When the ball is thrown at you, you will click the left mouse button again to hit the baseball.