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Basketball Stars 3D

Basketball Stars 3D is a 3D basketball game with simple gameplay. This game helps you practice your handball before you enter high leagues.

You will be given balls to shoot at the ring – the basket, which can move up and down, left or right, can also be bent. At the same time, there will be obstacles between you and the basketball basket, which can be stationary objects that can be animals. You need to overcome all of that and put the ball in the basket. When both the basket and the obstructions are in a static state, the higher the difficulty, this will create more excitement for you when playing. Those obstacles may be humanoid steles, maybe high box blocks … After each slip ball you can be played again. Each level you pass, the difficulty will increase gradually. Throw the ball into the basket will bring you score, the more balls you throw into the basket, the higher your score will be.

This game is free to play and requires practice to level up. 3D graphics and colorful balls with challenges in the game will help you have great relaxing moments.

This game is played with a very simple but addictive gameplay for many players, there are now many versions of this game and a large number of players.

This is a relaxing game to help you relieve stress and fatigue after a long day of studying and working. You can play online or download to play when there is no internet connection. Playing online will help you save your results and make it to the global rankings if your results are high.

How to play Basketball Stars 3D game

Basketball Stars 3D is using the mouse to play. You will hold down the left mouse button to drag the ball down to find the appropriate angle and release to shoot.