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Dunk Shot

Dunk Shot is one of the latest mobile games of Ketchapp, this game takes its ideas from basketball (a popular sport in the US) and the style of force play from some coordinate shooter games. Currently, Dunk Shot has climbed to the top 3 in the ranking of the most outstanding games in the US after only 4 days of launch.

Features of Dunk Shot

The in-game store is very diverse with balls and themes. There are many types of balls, which can be purchased for free, by star, key or mission. And the theme must be bought with a key, this key is harder to earn and earn through the wheel.
In addition, CHALLENGES mode is a training mode with many different challenges, giving you a lot of balls, stars, keys. Come here to explore

How to play Dunk Shot game

The game has a fairly simple way of playing, you will shoot the ball from one basket to another higher by touching the ball and swiping down. At this point a line will appear – the angle of the shot. The more you swipe down the stronger the shot.
The ball in the basket will receive 1 point, if the ball flies directly into the basket it will be PERFECT and 2 points (PERFECT will continuously have special effects and add points), if the ball hit the wall and then into the basket or the ball running on the basket you get more points.
The game does not have the last stage, you will play continuously until the ball falls, the later will be more difficult because the basket will move, just a little mistake will make you have to play again, so be careful. If it falls you can see ads to play again but only once.
During the game, gold stars will appear, but quite a few. To get more, you must see the ad or join the wheel.
The trick of getting a high score is to have to shoot perfect continuously and the way to shoot is quite easy: you adjust so that the curve of force towards the center of the basket is likely to be perfect.