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World Basketball Cup

World Basketball Cup is one of the most exciting basketball games based on international basketball matches. The game is for basketball lovers but it cannot be played in real life or there are no conditions or time to play. Your goal is still to hit the ball into the basket. You will choose the game modes (American League, European League, Spain Playoff, Russian Playoff and Mexican Playoff) and participate in the rounds, win in the quarterfinals and semi-finals to participate in the finals and become home World Cup champion. You will move around the field, pick up the ball and throw it into the basket. The game has many levels for you to play, each level is different difficulty levels, increasing with each level. You need to practice regularly to improve your playing skills.

This game is completely free to play and suitable for all ages of audiences. Currently there are many people who love this game and will be more and more.

Updates on new versions of this game will be constantly updated. The new version helps you play with different skins and the level in each game level also increases.

You can download it or play online, playing online will help you save results and compete with other players. This game only requires you have a computer or mobile device, which can be played anytime and anywhere, depending on your free time.

How to play  World Basketball Cup game

World Basketball Cup is played using the following keys:
Left and right arrow keys to move your player.
Down arrow to pick up the ball.
Up arrow to jump.
Press SPACEBAR to throw ball.
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