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Dunk Hit

Dunk Hit is a sport that combines many factors such as physical strength, ingenuity and concentration. In the game Basketball – Dunk Hit on GameVui, you will practice the technique Put the ball – stuffed the ball into the basket to score as much as possible. To play the game Dunk Hit, you click to bounce the ball, then let it fall into the basket and score.
Many boys like this game like basketball. Often they gather at special places near the house to play this sports game. What will always win you need to skillfully throw a ball in the ring. Today in the game Dunk Hit we will hone the skills of the shots in the cart. We will see her on the screen in front of her. To make a throw you need to click on the screen and the ball will jump. You may have to do this many times. The main thing is to calculate the trajectory of jumping the ball to score a goal. By typing a certain number of points, you will be able to move to another level.

How to play Dunk Hit game

On the computer used to play.
On the phone touch the screen to play.