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Turbo Golf

In this 2D golf game, race against three other opponents to get the ball into the hole as quickly as possible with the least number of strokes possible. If normal golf is too slow and different for you, perhaps all you need is a little Turbo Golf in your life. Send balloons along the way, then earn gold based on your position relative to the three AI-controlled opponents. So use that gold to improve your outfit, from clubs to shoes. At the end of the round, you’ll receive a bigger payout based on how much you do, allowing you to upgrade that extra device.

How to play Turbo Golf

All you have to do is create a character and then rotate. Move the mouse to tilt your shot in the right direction, then click when you see the tool is green. Keep an eye out for any difficulty or obstacles and you will eventually put him in the hole. You can update all your clubs, as well as your clothes (your shoes will make you run faster towards the ball). Think of games like this race, only precision can be played. You will not do well if you are the first to sink the ball, but it takes twenty-seven shots.