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Boxing Fist Legends

Boxing Fist Legends makes a very attractive boxing game. The game has two game modes that are single play and double play.

If you choose single player mode, you will play against the machine. The two were equipped exactly like the actual boxing players and competed against each other in the stands.

If you choose a duo mode, you need to have a companion with you, you can invite your friends to play with them, the two will play the two opponents and fight with each other as hard as they can, without needing to save their hands. win.

Regardless of the game mode, your goal is to destroy the opponent, making consecutive attacks that make his opponent exhausted until he loses. Launch magnjag shots at the opponent. Very dangerous shots can hurt the opponent and reduce his strength, when you take the initiative in the game try to make many consecutive attacks so that the opponent cannot stand up. You can run and move to avoid the opponent’s attack and kill the opponent better.

You will go through many games to reach the final victory.

The game is very entertaining, but a bit more violent so it should be for older children a little so that they are not much affected by this game.

This game has limited interface, it is installed with a 2D interface, it can only see one side from the outside but the warmth of the game is very exciting, creating a fighting atmosphere.

This game is completely free to play, you can play online and then register on the results chart or can download it to play when you do not have an internet connection.

How to play Boxing Fist Legends

Boxing Fist Legends will use the following character keys to play: A, W, D software for movement and space bar to strike.