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Hockey Shootout

Hockey is one of the most interesting sports games in the world. Many people like to watch the various championships in this sport. Many people dream of becoming a player of a famous world team. Today in the Hockey Shootout game you get such a chance. You will play for an attacker who will shoot. You will need to go one on one against the opponent’s keeper to score a goal for him. To do this, simply press the Puck button in the right corner and it will fly to the opponent’s target. If you did everything correctly, then you will score a goal for the opponent’s goal.

In Hockey Shootout, your goal is very simple. Shoot still and move straight past the goalkeeper and into the net. Choose your hockey player then guide his goal to help him score goals. You get a limited number of chances to score as many times as possible in the above hockey game.

How to play Hockey Shootout game

Left mouse click and hold to get ready. If you want to shoot straight hit the puck when it’s exactly over the X on the ice. If you want to aim left or right just hit it when it’s to either side of the X. Lift of your shot is detrmined by how far below the X your mouse is when you hit the puck.