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Stick Figure Badminton 3 Game

Stick Figure Badminton 3

Stick Figure Badminton 3 helps you play Badminton online when you love Badminton however, for some reason, you can not play right on the area and this online game can allow you to play anytime you want.
First, you will choose the character to play, each character has its characteristics and abilities. Then, enter a favorable match and score as many points as possible until you reach some points where you are declared the winner.
You can play against the computer or play with your real friend, the game allows you to relieve stress after a very long time to analyze and work. In addition to playing online, you can also download the player when you want, once you download it, you won’t have to use an online connection.
If you are new to this game, you can try the practice version, play with one person to get used to the game then combine the match with many people.
Each individual will be allowed to perform alternating strokes, who can move up and down different positions to operate, the service will determine the path of the ball to hit the opponent in a way.
The match results will probably be shown from the score of those two teams in the center of the game screen, through which you know how to adjust your tactics and goals.
You can move up and down, jump up to make beautiful shots and the main goal is to fight so that the opponent cannot fight back.
For beginners, it can be difficult to hit the ball and adjust, but after only a period of practice, the ability to attack your ball will increase significantly. Train hard to beat all the competitors together and become the best player in this game.

How to play Stick Figure Badminton 3

Stick Figure Badminton 3 uses the left mouse button to select the player and play style with different actions, you need to use a combination of manipulations as well as skills to win.
For the first player, press W to jump, A and D to move, S to touch and hit the ball.
For the second player, use the left and right arrow keys to move, the up arrow key to jump, the space bar to reach the ball.
ESC if you want to leave the game.
M if you want to turn off the music.
The game can allow you to entertain and train your ability to play Badminton online so that if you practice, you will also be able to aim for precise and timely movements.