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Stick Figure Badminton 2 Game

Stick Figure Badminton 2

Stick Figure Badminton 2 is the second part of this famous online game.
This game has an elementary rule that you, by all means, hit a world through the net at your opponent and touch the earth, you can score goals. Speed ​​and agility is the key to playing badminton; you will need quick reactions and smart fingers to get every contest.
You can play single or two-player mode. For single-player mode, you can play with the device, and for two-person play, you can play directly with your best friend using the real keyboard.
First of all, you want to choose one of the players provided to play. After selecting the player, you can participate in a duel.
For each match, you must have your tactics, score 7 points before the opponent to win, and you can also observe the event compose in the top center of the game screen. The score may allow you to adjust your tactics accordingly.
You can order the character to walk across the area, jump into the air, and perform great shots. The shots combined with your high jump in the air will make the ball stronger and make it harder for the opponent to encourage the bridge, helping you to score higher.
The man who wins the stage he has the right to operate and the man or woman who works before him will have the advantage.
Badminton is a perfect game, needs players to focus on their ability. A lot of players have played this fascinating game, and you will also meet many opponents who play quite well, helping you to increase the accessibility of the ball.

How to play  Stick Figure Badminton 2

Stick badminton two effortless way to play with the following controls:
W to jump. S.
For your next player: Left and right arrows to continue. Down arrow.
For newbies, it will take some time to get used to the controls so you can master it. Using a flexible combination of moves and strokes can help you achieve the best results.