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Wrestle Jump

Game Wrestle Jump – Play wrestling game Wrestle Jump 2 players online free offline for android iphone java on the computer
Game Wrestle Jump is a very good and funny wrestling game. This is a very famous game on the iphone and android phones. In the game, you will be participating in wrestling matches very interesting WWE. You will have to use the bounce of your feet and combine with ingenuity to knock the opponent to the ground. In particular, the game also has 2-player mode and you can customize the arena with more ice and wind. Let’s play Wrestle Jump game and show off your wrestling skills!

How to play the game Wrestle Jump

Your task is to knock your opponent to the ground and score points. You can play Wrestle Jump 2 players on the same pc
Person 1: Use the W key to wrestle. Person 2: Use the M key to wrestle