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Downhill Ski┬áis a fun ski-themed intellectual puzzle game, full of challenges based on true physical factors, your task in Downhill Ski is to help skiers overcome Every challenge by building cable cars, bridges or boards …
Players must build solid structures but with a tight budget. Materials are placed in the map and there are cables between the works. Downhill Ski will visualize the stress of each building by different colors so you can identify and improve as needed.
When transporting enough NPCs to the other side of the map with their works, the new Downhill Ski players are considered to have completed the stage. All of these characters must move safely and the map intact. You should also limit the control of the steering wheel, the vehicle will automatically move according to the force.
Adventure Gnome belongs to the category of gold digging games but built in an interesting clicker style, Adventure Gnome gives you a worthy alternative to the classic gold mining game.
Especially Downhill Ski also integrated Level Editor feature for players to create maps and experiences. This feature allows you to customize the slope, create mountains, select landscapes … Combine bridges, boards, ropeway … to build the dream terrain, a great place to practice your skating skills. snow.