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Skater Kid

Skater Kid is a great skill game in which you must avoid various obstacles. Ride the town and test your skills with your skateboard to impress your friends. This game will fascinate all lovers of sports and skateboarding! Make a jump at the right time to perform tricks and avoid obstacles. Watch out: Miss once and the game is over.
Try this exciting fun take on the regular running games – skating game where you can enjoy the running game challenges with a better take. For the love of skating, here is an exciting skating game challenge – The Skater kid. It brings together the fun of real-time skating onto your fingertips through your iPhone. It is an amazingly easy to play 2D skating game with really smooth controls where you can skate through challenging obstacles. The character of the game – Skater kid can perform a lot of tricks on skateboard to score points. While skating, you can collect stars and trophies to build you collection.
Get this free skating game & enjoy 30 carefully designed levels and multiple themes. More levels and themes are being added. Take the challenge & complete all levels to complete the game. Compete with skaters world-wide with the global leader board feature.

Features of Skater Kid

– Beautiful graphics to enjoy your skateboarding experience
– 100 levels of fun
– Survival mode
– Online Leaderboards
– Customize your Skater and choose from different Characters
– Easy to play tough to master!
– Exciting skateboard sound effects and music
Skater Kid is a fun and easy skateboarding game that will take you to an exciting skater ride. Take your skating skills to a whole new level and hit the streets like a true skater boy!
Simply jump on your skateboard and avoid obstacles by performing extreme stunts, epic air tricks and learn a whole lot of awesome skating moves!

HOW TO PLAY Skater Kid

Skater Boy – Fun Skating Game has amazingly easy controls to help you get started instantly.
– Tap on the left side to move faster
– Tap on the right side to jump
– Tap on both sides together for long jump