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Raze 3

Raze 3 is a game to save humanity through the destruction of aliens. Many years ago, aliens invaded the earth and left the earth in ashes. Military forces are still trying to train to find opportunities to bring peace to the earth, after the training is completed, they sent a team of troops to destroy the aliens. You will control a character leading your army through harsh challenges and destroy all the invading aliens.

In the overview screen, there are 4 icons in the lower-left corner of the screen, showing you gun options, how to defeat enemies, achievements and graphics settings to help you install graphics according to wish.
Your character can be customized such as changing weapons, equipment, costume colors, names and many other perks. After each mission, you can upgrade your character so that it becomes stronger. So remember to upgrade weapons and use them flexibly so you can defeat enemies quickly. At the same time, you must pay attention to the parameters in the corners of the screen to get important information
. You have the ability to collect a lot of weapons and items along the way, those weapons help you destroy aliens faster and easier. You can get additional rewards through completing daily challenges. There are 2 game modes, called quick and workforce campaign. In quick mode, you will participate in a quick match with a round, you need to reach a limited achievement to win. In the human campaign mode, you must pass 15 extremely challenging and attractive levels, the levels will be difficult to increase with the size of the level gradually. When the game starts, you and your allies are taken to the base, where you must find a way to break down the door and kill the aliens to go further. You will be the pioneer to pave the way for your allies, using swords and guns equipped to help you overcome the dangers. Each game mode will bring you different scenes, difficulties and support to help you get interested in this game.
Through this game, you can show your shooting skills and flexible reflexes, destroy all aliens and become the hero of the world because the destiny of the whole world is in your hands. friend.

How to play Raze 3

Raze 3 uses WASD or arrow keys to move, left click to use your weapon, space bar to jump, Q / E key (or Shift / Enter key) to select weapon in front or the back, 123456: to select the special weapon to use, the F / Ctrl key to search for something, the Esc / P key to pause the game.