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Burrito Bison Revenge Game

Burrito Bison Revenge

Burrito bison revenge is a very funny game. This is the latest version of the game Gaur angry is very much loved. After escaping from the candy kingdom, bulls go to the supermarket to buy things. However, an incident happened, gaur did not find his wallet where to pay. I think the bad gummi candy stole my wallet. And then the gaur decided to return to the candy kingdom to punish the candies once. Let’s play Burrito Bison Revenge game and give him a hand! Be the one who controls the cow so that the bear must fear and stop bullying the bulls. In the game you need to press the right time the needle to hit the star for his help fat, if not on, the force of fire will diminish according to the distance of the clock and the star. Along the way you also have the help of balloons, roofs, rockets, bombs, fat bears … And do not forget to make a lot of money to upgrade the power of the bison!

How to play the game Burrito Bison Revenge

Your task is to help gaur kill gummi candy to get back the money was lost. Use the Mouse to perform operations in the game.