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Renegade Racing

Are you passionate about the speed racing game genre? You do not want to have to install games that are too heavy and time-consuming, so Renegade Racing is a good choice for you. In the game, you will buy a 4-wheel vehicle to participate in short but very fierce races. Each round is a fierce competition from the super riders with their super cars. You can also get a car like that, provided that you have to win in many races, and bring big bonuses. Terrain and obstacles in each screen are very interesting, bumpy, dangerous but very stimulating players to overcome. Complete 18 classic races, and unlock 12 super speed cars to become the number one racer.
The focus of the game is not just on how well you can drive, but on how bold you are, how you can show your superior skills without getting hit by obstacles and burning. . Performing different stunts while racing will improve your turbo speed, so the more you can perform acrobatics, one wheeler, the faster you will go.
In addition to us, not only are the standard tracks but there are many different types of tracks designed and they are very impressive. You will have to compete on all occasions, from a shipyard to icy trails and even Devil’s Island.
Of course, it won’t just be simple and push the throttle, show your skills and dash to the finish line. There are countless dangers scattered across the track that will stop your chaotic racing efforts. Transport containers, avalanches and thorns are some of the more standard obstacles that will hinder your progress. Or you will meet huge fans and caves with stalactites and stalactites.

Features of Renegade Racing

– game modes:
– single
– multiplayer
– shoot to apple on head stickman
– shoot to bottles
– hero skins
– bow skins
– arrow skins