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Headless Zombie 2 Game

Headless Zombie 2

Headless Zombie is a very funny and a bit of a horror game. Carl is a very rich and powerful aristocrat, he can buy anything he wants. But Carl was the evil sorcerer used dark magic to harm. Carl died and the sorcerer usurped the castle and all his possessions. However, things could not end so easily. Carl transformed into a zombie with his special head and began a plan to reclaim what was lost. Let’s play headless zombie game and keep watching the story progress!
Headless Zombie 2 is a very interesting and attractive intellectual game. In this part 2, Carl finds his way back to the castle and defeats the evil sorcerer. However, the magic staff is broken and Carl still cannot return to being human. Fortunately, there is another person who can help Carl revive, that is Tesla scientist. However, to build the revival machine, it must be made of gears. Let’s play Zombie Headless game 2 and help Carl on this journey!

HOW TO PLAY Headless Zombie 2 game

Your mission in Headless Zombie 2 is to help this zombie headless guy Carl reclaim what was originally for him and was taken away by the evil sorcerer.
Use the Left, Right arrow keys or A and D keys to move
Up arrow or W key to jump
Down arrow key or S or Space to disassemble head.