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Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble is a game of navigating tanks in a maze and destroying other enemies. You will control your tank to destroy all enemies in the game levels to become the winner.
You can play against the computer or compete with up to 2 other players.
Control your tank and navigate it around the maze, shoot your cannon at enemy tanks and avoid being shot by enemies.
Your bullets shoot out of the gun, it will go everywhere if it doesn’t meet, then until the force of fire decreases it will disappear, bullets hitting the wall will bounce back. Your bullets can also kill you so be careful.
Your players will have the same bullets as you to destroy you, so you need to avoid your opponent’s bullets and your own bullets.
Each player is provided with a certain number of lives, destroying the opponent’s life, the player will win.
There are many different matrix maps, each of which will be arranged with matrices, the more the level after the matrix will be harder for the player.
The weapons appear on the map, you will get them to destroy enemies more easily different types of weapons, rockets, bullets, rattling, laser guns.
Games with simple gameplay, interface is also extremely neat will help players experience interesting.

How to play Tank Trouble

When you play with the machine, use the arrow keys to move and the mouse to shoot.
When playing with two other people, use the controls shown below.
For player 1 use WASD to move and Q to shoot.
For player 2 use the arrow keys to move and M to shoot.
For player 3 drag mouse to move and use left mouse button to shoot.
You need a combination of flexible controls to move and shoot the right target while avoiding bullets.