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Earn To Die 2012 part 2

Earn To Die 2012 part 2 is a game to perform the task that was set before and kill the blocking zombies along the way. You get a call from the B-13 migration base, which needs your help, and getting there will go through a lot of serious difficulties. There is a task you must accomplish by fulfilling the small goal of getting a new car at the end of each race.
First, you are offered a vehicle, use this vehicle to move and kill the zombies. You will then receive a sum of money, use this money to buy upgrades for your car, help the car go faster, and kill the zombies easier.
There are many upgrades, such as upgrades on wheels, engines, fuel, …, each update requires a certain amount of money and each upgrade has its characteristics. it. Information about the value of upgrades and its price are also specifically informed to help you should buy the items you need and still finish quickly.
At the same time, the upgrades also help you overcome more steep and rugged ramps, overcome environmental obstacles to get closer to the car parked ahead.
There are many different map terrains, including a murky swamp, a city destroyed and all zombies, … Each terrain has a car at the end of the road, which is the goal to achieve. be yours.
After getting the car at the end of the road, you will continue to move in new terrain and buy upgrades for this vehicle.
Using the ability that the vehicle can perform such as accelerating combined with up and down adjustments to the vehicle to keep the balance, to prevent the vehicle from overturning on rough terrain. When you buy most of the upgrades, you will complete that level easily.
You will make regular moves every day to complete the goal on each different terrain.
There are many types of cars such as police cars, racing cars, trucks and many interesting things waiting for you in the game. For every vehicle you get, you have to upgrade them so they move fast and kill many zombies.
The appearance of zombies adds to your interest, they are present throughout the road and always try to cling to your vehicle, harm the car and reduce vehicle movement. But your vehicle can be crushed on it or purchased weapons upgrades to destroy itself.
The game parameters will appear on the screen for easy identification, indicators of fuel, speed, and position you move are shown.
The game is completely free and suitable for all types of players; moreover, it can also be used with most Android devices, iOS, computers anytime, anywhere.

How to play Earn To Die 2012 part 2

Earn To Die 2012 part 2 uses the left and right arrow keys to adjust the car up and down, the up arrow to accelerate. Flexible controls that are agile to complete this game in the shortest possible time.