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Monkey Go Happy

Monkey Go Happy is a fun game primarily for kids. In the game, there is a monkey who always cries a lot of tears, looking at it pitifully and your task is to make the monkey happy through solving funny flash puzzles.
The game has mild content, performing everyday tasks in life such as fishing, sawing wood, doing magic, cutting trees, playing hand-spinning games, blowing fire, taking bananas, destroying fruits. Bombs are burning, playing video games … things that are simple but make the monkey happy again.
The game has many interesting puzzles corresponding to each level of play. In each level, there are challenges along with the objects around the monkey, you need to take the items to the appropriate positions or perform actions to make the monkey happy and then the level has finished. For example, there is a coconut tree consisting of two coconuts and a knife, now you will remove the coconut and take that apple to the coconut to split the coconut in half, then the puzzle has been solved and the monkey happy. Click the continue icon to go to the next stage.
Each level will have different challenges, the more the next level the more difficult the challenge.
After each action completed, the crying monkey was suddenly happy again, he beamed and danced happily. If that fails, you can also playback at that level.
The whole game is limited by the playing time, the time will decrease gradually by each stage.If you play fast, you will complete many levels, otherwise, you will run out of time before you can conquer the game. play this.
This game requires players to have an in-depth look, sharp observation and flexible thinking to accomplish the goals of the game quickly.

How to play Monkey Go Happy

Monkey Go Happy is easy to play, just left-click on the objects and move them to link the actions into a specific job. If you fail, you can replay that level by pressing the reset lever.