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Papa Louie

Papa Louie attended a party with pizza and unfortunately, when creatures invaded that party into all orders to change pizzas into pizza Gooey creatures and kidnap all the guests. goods at your party.
You are the chef and the owner of the party so that the party won’t be ruined, you will fight monsters to reunite pizza and save your customers. Although fighting independently and destroying the enemy, you will fulfill your mission to find the pizza and customers for a perfect party.
Alone you will start looking for clues of these creatures in a desolate landscape and full of traps. You have the ability to move fast, jump up and sit down or use weapons to kill monsters.
Collect all the gold coins along the way with grenades, use grenades to destroy pizza-stealing monsters. The number of grenades is limited, so you must use them properly and accurately to destroy the monster holding the pizza.
On the way, you will encounter barriers that will be higher walls, pits, creatures of different shapes, creatures that can move or not. There are creatures that can spew out toxins that surround your entire body, making it impossible for you to move and then you will lose blood. Poisonous creatures often grab your pizza and you have to find a way to kill them. You should use grenades to destroy them, and reflect flexibly when toxins from their mouths are sprayed out. Other creatures that touch you will also lose blood.
You are given a specific amount of blood displayed in red hearts when these images are lost until you are finished, you will lose your life. On the way, there are hearts, when you collect you will increase the amount of blood so if not blood loss, you should not collect those hearts, keep reserve until you lose blood.
When you defeat monsters, regain pizza and rescue your customers, you will pass that level and unlock another level.
There are many levels, each with different difficulty levels, enemies and a unique structure. Pass all the levels to conquer this thrilling game and play with our other games.
The game is completely free and compatible with most Android, iOS, and computer devices, which can be played online or downloaded to play anytime, anywhere.

How to play Papa Louie

Papa Louie can help you have moments of relaxation with easy and difficult gameplay. You will use the following character keys to control:
Use the left and right arrow keys to move left or right
Down arrow to bend down
Spacebar to jump (spacebar in combination with an up or down arrow to jump up and use a parachute to land)
Z key to use a monster pizza
X key to use grenades.