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Papa Louie 2

Papa Louie 2 is a sequel to an exciting game where you will play as a hero character to rescue your customers. The game will bring you exciting entertainment moments along with beautiful challenges.
The game is completely free and compatible with most Android, iOS, and computer devices, and you can play online or download your device to play whenever and wherever.
Before starting to fight, you will choose the character, choose a weapon, name and see a brief introduction about what happened. You are selling pizza in a very crowded store, a bad guy appears and drags you and your customers to a forest with many traps. Your customers are locked up and you have to rescue customers alone to return to your store. You will enter a forest, find your way to the place where customers are imprisoned and rescue them.
You have just moved to overcome the rugged road, just to avoid and destroy the monsters along the way so they do not harm you. Maybe you will move in tunnels, climb ladders to move up to the ground, or jump on balloons that will cushion you to go higher up with loads of exciting arrangements.
You are equipped with kitchen utensils to win against the monsters in it, and you can move fast, jump, slide on steep terrain. Use a combination of moving abilities to avoid dangerous monsters and overcome steep roads.
You will move, collect gold coins to increase your score, use weapons to kill monsters on the route, jump on and step on monsters to freeze them.
In the forest there are many creatures arranged in many different locations to destroy you. These creatures can move and have weapons or not. It would help if you moved flexibly and skillfully while using evidence to overcome challenges and rescue customers.
Each trap and monster will make you lose the red heart that symbolizes your health. However, along the way you will find hearts that will help you recover.
When you move to where customers are locked, you will unlock to rescue them and complete the level to unlock different guest levels.
There are many levels with different challenges and the next level you will get more experiences and exciting challenges.
The game will use the timer to see how long you have completed and conquered it, compared to other players to see your ratings.
You can share your score with other players and share the game for everyone to play.

How to play Papa Louie 2

Papa Louie 2 brings you lots of fun and countless challenges will help you relax with easy gameplay, using the left and right arrow keys to move left or right, up and down arrows to jump. Up or down, spacebar.