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Tank Trouble 2

Tank Trouble 2 is the sequel to the exciting maze tank battle game. The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy’s tank and become the last tank standing in the maze or become the player with the highest score is also a winning factor. In this part, the game’s graphics have been developed, the maze and the car are designed to be broader, beautiful and easier to see than before.
Simple but highly addictive game, there are now many people playing this game.
You can play against up to three other players or play against the machine. When you choose to play with other players, you need to sit with your friends in front of the computer and play.
When you play against the computer, you can choose to control the car and participate in the game.
It would help if you fought to win the maze road. Control your vehicle around the maze, firing bullets from the cannon to bounce them towards the opponent or dissipate in the air.
Your enemy has the same ability as you, shooting bullets at you and moving throughout the maze.
The fired bullets hit the wall and continue to move or hit the target that is you or the enemy, then the tank hit will be blown to pieces. Or if it doesn’t meet the target, then it will explode.
You need to move and be flexible in the maze while avoiding bullets from other players or yourself.
Many weapons are appearing in the maze to help the person get more power, there are different weapons that the player can collect, including rockets, laser guns, protective film. You and the enemy have the same ability to manage weapons when they appear.

How to play Tank Trouble 2

Players choose for themselves one of the controls and participate in the game.
The controls are as follows:
1 is to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control the movement of the tank and use the space bar to fire bullets.
2 is to use the WASD and Q keys to fire the cannon.
3 is use the mouse to move and left click to shoot.
Players will choose one of those controls when playing in machine mode or other players.