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Money Movers 2

Play Money Movers 2 game, you will be involved in a very lively and fun game with many interesting and unique situations. The game tells about two characters in prison who are very close friends. Regardless of the fun activities, both are well-liked in prison. An incident occurred, and both of them have done their imprisonment. However, before escaping from the prison, both must steal all the money in the dungeon. Will you help them to make interesting stunts in this fascinating game?
If you’ve ever played the game Fire Boy and Water Girl 2 or Doremon Find Cake 2 game, then surely you are no stranger to the game’s play. You will have to control two characters at the same time in the game, or you can also invite a friend to join you to control yourself a character. Of course, 2 players are much better than 1 player, right? Your task will be to move the characters in the game can overcome the terrain in prison, collect all the money in it, and can safely exit the gate.
This is no easy task, as the higher the level, the challenges will actually appear. In addition, because this is an interesting intellectual action game, you also need to use a little of your intelligence in it to be able to find the way there. In particular, each character has its own ability, please take advantage of them.
But, interesting things will be in Money Movers 2. The two brothers must return to the prison. Why so? Because, now they have to save their father, who is also taken to prison. A great game is waiting for you with Money movers 2, twenty exciting levels are waiting for you. Let’s get started!

How to play Money Movers 2

Use the arrow keys and film board icons to move.
And some other keys as directed in the game