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Cubikill 6

Cubikill 6 you will collect tools in the rooms where you are working and perform violent actions against your colleagues.
Why do you act like that, that’s because you’re an employee who is always being bullied by others, they always send you to do things, scold you, disrespect you. You have been dissatisfied with this for a long time, when your stamina reached the limit, you performed very scary actions, you beat and killed your colleagues with the equipment obtained there. Thanks to these actions, your rage has been greatly reduced.
While everyone is at work or entertaining, you’ll head to the rooms to find objects there and use it to hit, stab, or even a gun to kill colleagues. Because you are the one working there, they are not alert to you, only when you act will they know and run away. You take all the necessary things, kill people or perform unsanitary actions such as peeing in a flower pot, going into a drawer …
There are a lot of different rooms, finding arrows that guide you to different rooms, you can even enter the room and kill the president without any legal punishment. Search all the objects in the rooms to unlock the next level.
Games with lots of bloody violent images will affect the psychological and personal development of the children, so children should not play this game. The game should be for adults, it will entertain them, relieve stress and tension in people and help them become more comfortable.

How to play Cubikill 6

Cubikill 6 uses the mouse to move to different positions and left click to pick up the necessary objects while using the tools to beat colleagues, the left mouse button also helps you move to different rooms.