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Stickman Archer 2

Stickman Archer 2 Fight is an exciting action game with a way to play coordinates shooter. You will play as a stickman archer and kill enemies before being killed by the enemy. Try to level up as high as possible.
When participating in Stickman Archer 2, players will have the opportunity to experience becoming a professional archer and directly confront other archers in the fight for life and death. Your task is to eliminate as many opponents as possible to score points and earn stars to invest other archers with “marksmanship”. Let’s play the game and prove that you are not inferior to the guy Quach Tinh go!
Every time you kill an opponent successfully, you will get a certain amount of gold. For headshots (headshot) the enemy will die immediately and you will get 15 coins, but if you hit another position on the opponent, you have to hit 2 times and get 10 coins. This money will be used to purchase plugins.
Compared to the opponent, you have the advantage of being equipped with a number of useful auxiliary, including creating a mobile wall between the front line to prevent arrows from firing from the enemy, creating a safe arch to prevent any nose. The arrow flew and froze the enemy before he could release the arrow from the bow. However, the price of these add-ons is not cheap, so you need to save money and only use in emergency situations!


Features of Stickman Archer 2

Mode against AI and 2-player mode.
Interesting game and effective killing time Follow the actual physical rules.
How to play: Target and shoot down stickman enemies.
Drag your finger to aim and release to shoot.
Enemies are killed when a shot is shot in the head or twice in the body, arm or leg.