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Dead Zed 3

Dead Zed 3 is an exciting flash game in which players will bring their characters to be exciting and challenging zombie battles.
You are an exceptional soldier who has undergone very harsh shooting training so the unit trusts and assigns an important task that is to destroy the zombies attacking your base.
You are equipped with a gun and a large number of bullets, this gun can only fire one bullet at a time, and you need to aim very precisely at the target and shoot multiple times to destroy. When the ammunition runs out, the gun will reload automatically and you wait a bit longer for it to complete reloading.
For each zombie destroyed, you will receive a bonus and use that money to buy upgrades. There are many upgrades with superpowers, each with different uses and different times and times of use, you need to have a strategy when using these upgrades to bring the highest effect.

Zombies come to attack your base in layers, each class has different characters or maybe interwoven characters in each class. When more zombies reach your base, they will destroy the base until you die. Zombies have many different shapes and characteristics, there are fat zombies and move quite slowly but it has a large number, thin zombies but run very fast … The zombies have a bar showing blood on the head. When hit by this amount of blood will run out and when hit repeatedly, it will lose its life.

Each person will have a separate play strategy, and the more you play, the more you will have more experience, knowing what you should buy, what use to which group of characters.
The game is completely free, fast-paced, active with vibrant sounds, straightforward images, but the game content appeals to players. A lot of people have downloaded this game and received positive feedback.

How to play Dead Zed 3

Dead Zed 3 requires players to quickly and accurately manipulate to hit the target. It would help if you used a mouse to buy upgrades and kill zombies.