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Run Ninja Run

Run Ninja Run is a fast-paced action game. Your ninja character was captured and imprisoned, hanging his hands on the beam, and he managed to run away. You will control the ninja dash, avoid obstacles, and other ninjas to safety in the tent.
Your ninja automatically moves forward, if he hits a wall or other ninjas or falls in gaps and lots of different traps, he will lose his life. There are many deadly traps or merely high mountains, and the bottom is a bottomless pit that you did not know before. Sometimes you will have to sacrifice many times to know what the road segment includes and what the correct preparation. When you lose you, now you will start from the beginning of that period.
You can run, jump to overcome everything, use the right attack kick to defeat the ninja in your way. Jump over the rocks and crawl below them at the right time.
There are lots of gold bars along the way, collect them to buy upgrades for your skills to jump higher, slide longer, or increase your attacks. Your updates all require a certain amount of gold bars to buy them, and without them, you will be very difficult or sometimes impossible to pass to the next level. Because there are very high walls that average jump ability cannot move, at this time, it is necessary to purchase an additional double jump ability to overcome that wall.
There are many levels with difficulty levels, challenges, blocks of gold, and lots of other ninjas, all of which will increase your appeal.
The fast pace of the game requires you to be flexible in handling situations so that you can overcome many levels in the game and conquer the game.
The ninja game will bring you a breathtaking but exciting action along with unexpected challenges.
The game is entirely free and has no time limit, so you can play it without worrying about the amount and spread.
The game is compatible with most Android, iOS, and computer devices so that you can play it anywhere.
In addition to playing online, you can download it to play when there is no regular internet connection. However, playing online will help you save the results and share with other players or share with your friends through social networks.

How to play  Run Ninja Run

Run Ninja Run use your up and down arrow keys to jump (double jump, triple jump) and slide, spacebar to attack. Use the left mouse button to buy upgrades for ninja techniques.