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Play Game Earth Taken 2, a free role-playing adventure game and the game that has attracted great attention to the gaming community with its great content, beautiful interface and flexible gameplay. As the next installment of the ever successful Earth Protection game in the world, the game continues to talk about the protection of the Earth by a group of people who survived the human massacre. The earth has also become a deadly environment, the air is poisoned, so it is very difficult for human to fight. In this game, you continue to be a gunman doing your tasks outside the base area. When you go out, you always have to wear a mask with limited oxygen, and food and guns will be very lacking. On the way, you will find those things, and be careful to use them sparingly, which is also the thing for you to exchange weapons and upgrade your energy there. And the indispensable is that you have to deal with monsters and aliens very aggressive. Initially, when you do not have a gun, you have to use a knife to approach and defeat the enemy, this depends a lot on your ingenuity.

In this Earth Taken 2 game, there will be many surprises for you as well as the support of your teammates, collecting items from corpses, reporting missions to the commander, …. And there are many other things waiting for you to discover. The game is free for 1 player, so please play as much as you want.