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Raze 4

Raze 4 is a shooting game that brings peace to the earth, this is a new version born based on the improvements contributed by the previous versions. This version has more impressive graphics, along with the increase in the number and quality of obstacles and enemies. The situation is still about 10 years ago, the world had to leave the Earth due to the invasion of aliens, they came and devastated, built the Earth into their base. Humans have just repaired civilization in the sky and built forces to take back the earth. They quickly designed an intensive training program to train the soldiers. When the soldiers are strong enough, an army will be sent to Earth to perform missions to kill aliens. You are appointed as a leader of a military group. You will lead your army on the right track, be a pioneer for the army.
This section also includes two game modes that are fast play mode and human campaign campaign mode. In the fast game mode, you will join a fast match and must reach a limited achievement to win. In this game mode, you have the right to adjust the number of players, and participate in direct battles with aliens. In the human campaign mode, you must pass 15 levels including many challenges and a large number of aliens. When the game starts, you and 3 allies are taken to the base of aliens, here you will find a way to break the door and kill the aliens to go further.
In any game mode, you can collect weapons and items along the way to help you destroy aliens more easily. Lots of weapons will appear, you can take anything.
This game requires flexibility and fast to be able to destroy aliens before they destroy you.
After each destruction you will be reappeared, but you only have a certain number of lives, when you use up your life but you have not completed the mission, it will fail.

How to play Raze 4

Raze 4 still uses the keys and characters to control as in previous sections, which are:
Use the WASD key or the arrow keys to move.
Left click to fire.
Space bar to jump.
F / Ctrl key to use sword.
Q / E key (or Shift / Enter key) to select a weapon in front or back.
Key 123456: to select special weapons to use.
Esc / P keys to pause the game.