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Slope Game

Slope Game is an extremely attractive and adventurous speed racing game. Your task is to control a rolling ball forward and avoid obstacles and deep holes. This is a speed game is very much loved.
The game has a very simple gameplay but when you participate in playing, you will find it very difficult. The game has been carefully calculated by the developers to help you train your reaction flexibility.
With a simple design, it will not make the game download process very time-consuming and simple gameplay suitable for all types of players.
You will control your ball to avoid red obstacles and other objects, avoid the loincloths and go on the right path. You need to roll the ball as far as possible, the ball will move faster and faster. You may not foresee obstacles and paths, the flexible and accurate reaction will help you overcome at high speed without touching the obstacles and remain on the road.
The more segments you pass, the more points you will get. The higher the score, the higher your score will be ranked in the player’s leaderboard and you need to log in to save your score.
There are many levels, the levels will be consecutive and so you do not have to stop the game. Try to control the ball on the right path, overcome many levels to become the best player in this game.
The game is completely free and players can play directly or download games to your computer to play. Download devices Android, IOS, computer and play whenever.
The game gives you a sense of joy and excitement, keeps you entertained and relieves stress after a hard day of studying and working.

How to play Slope Game

Slope Game is played through specific control keys as follows: left and right arrow keys to control the ball left or right, up arrow key to move the ball.