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Earn To Die 4

Earn To Die 4 is a racing game with the hunt of zombies to perform a noble revolutionary mission.
To perform the mission, you have to act alone through different map terrain, including the bustling city, a murky swamp … and change the other cars parked in the Certain locations are equivalent to a topographic map. Perform missions on those roads, drive your car through lots of steep ramps, crazy zombies and environmental obstacles to stop and destroy your car and replace it with a new one.
High slopes or rough terrain can make you overturn, but it is also a stepping stone to help you fly very far to overcome many obstacles below.
Each day you will travel a distance and will receive money equivalent to your range went. Use that money to buy upgrades for your vehicle such as fuel, wheels, engines, weapons … All the upgrades will help you and information about the value of the items. Your purchase will also be shown along with its cost, through which you know which item to buy first so that you complete the task faster.
Each device has a lot of different upgrades and you need to keep moving every day and back to your garage to buy the upgrades.
But most of the upgrades so you can get past the ramp and get to the parked car then you’ll use this car to move on to the next stretch. Keep moving and make upgrades to unlock the next vehicle. There are many types of cars, police cars, trucks, sports cars, racing cars and many other exciting things waiting for you in the game.
Scary zombies and more and more, they get in the way and destroy your car, buy weapons and equipment to kill and kill zombies for you automatically.
On the screen, there are indicators of fuel, speed, and position you move. The white line with the yellow triangle in the middle of the top of the screen indicates that you should run, the more you will get to that milestone, the more you will get the advantage and get closer to the car in front.
The game is entirely free and playable with most Android devices, iOS, computers, you can play anytime, anywhere.

How to play Earn To Die 4

Earn To Die 4 has the same play as the previous sections, using the up arrow key to accelerate the car, using the left and right arrow keys to balance the vehicle, using the left mouse button to perform the To operate, use the X key to use boosters for the car to go faster.