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Shotgun Vs Zombies

Shotgun vs Zombies is one of the newly launched action shooters and built with quite unique ideas that will take players to participate in each fierce and fierce battle. . Having a gameplay quite similar to a number of famous games with the same theme as the Kingdom of the Cat game combined with the new vivid and modern customization, this new game version has really brought a complete appearance. brand new fun game genre is a lot of players love today. Play game Zombies Kill Zombies – Shotgun vs Zombies players will play the main character of the game to make the journey to destroy Zombies to protect peace for the Land. Offering a variety of levels and a variety of weapons customization, there will always be intense fights and players will always need the right tactics to successfully complete each mission. . Let’s start fighting with this great flash game through each screen designed vividly and interestingly sure to make players love.
Shotgun vs Zombies is an extremely exciting and exciting Zombie shooting action game. Zombie army horror outside the graveyard is preparing to attack the villagers. They appear very crowded and aggressive, but fortunately there was a hero standing out to fight and destroy them. However, the zombies are very crowded and he himself cannot fight them all. You quickly play the game Shotgun vs Zombies and give him a hand offline.


How to play the game Shotgun vs Zombies
Your mission is to shoot all zombies to survive.
Use the Arrow keys or WASD to move, the Space key to jump
L or X keys to shoot, K or Z keys to engage melee.