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Coaster Racer 2

As a sequel to the series of Coaster Racer that have been well received by players,Coaster Racer 2 game brings many new improvements in many aspects that will bring players to participate in each race extremely intense and exciting new. Making good use of the traditional elements of the thrilling racing game genre, this new version of the game has an additional and quite detailed investment for each unique racing style that increases the suspense and drama for each race. compete. Along with providing a range of customization and upgrades on the car and the track has really created vividness and unique characteristics with the unique style of the game.
Playing Coaster Racer 2 game with the top speed competition will always give players a great feeling. Highlights of the game compared to other free games for other PCs will be evident in every game screen when there is a flexible coordination between control operations in each game scene so that players can unleash the process. Subtle showers conquer their speed. It will be even more amazing when the player can defeat the opponent and it will be a real challenge that requires certain skills.

How to play Coaster Racer 2

Use the arrow keys to move.
Press Space to discharge the field when there is enough energy.